Art @ The Lake 2015, “Trillium” …the pictures that stay…

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This years’ theme for Art @ The Lake, -Art that is inspired by Lake George. This became a challenge. I view all of my work to be inspired by The Lake. My experiences here range from; catching fish on our Pilot Knob dock with frozen hot dogs; hiking Tongue Mt. in January, eating cheese and crackers at the lean-to; family weddings; sailing with my dad; my grandfather teaching me how to swim and dive off of the dock…and the list continues… The most influential... the pictures that stay…are my grandmothers paintings. She was influenced by the Lake for almost 60 years. Summers on LG allowed her to paint her surroundings. These pictures influenced my childhood and played a role in my development as an artist. 

DSC_0223                                  DSCN0506                              DSC_0201                       Shirley D. Patton. Oils on Canvas. 1950′s. Lake George, NY.



With this complex set of images and emotions, what could I make? For awhile I made nothing. I looked through old slides of paintings long gone. I kept going back to a watercolor of trillium and leaves and things. This was done in the late 1940′s.trillium - gram.                   Shirley Patton. Watercolor. 1940′s.

I took this picture of the trillium and “copied” it, but in my way, using my own materials and my own hand.

Our methods of creating, our styles, almost everything really, are vastly different. The process was tumultuous, yet highly enjoyable. I went through many stages.

I started out by doing a line drawing on a 38′x 60” canvas with black acrylic. It was becoming too pretty, so I needed to dirty it up…

one         two         three            four          five      … I got carried away.


There often becomes a time in all of my work when I need to put in all of my efforts and all of my energy, or I need to shelve it. This process can be exhausting and sometimes a bit disruptive. It can dislodge emotions which have become complacent, but by shaking things loose it gets me to move forward quicker than I would have on my own.


six          seven          eight           nine         ten         eleven



twelve       thirteen


I grew very close to this work. The real truth in my work is found when creating it and reflecting upon it in quiet. In all of the adding and subtracting of media, I am on a search for the answers to questions that I have not composed yet- like checking a math problem that I have not finished.

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TRILLIUM June 2015

Final Product. Mixed Media on Canvas. 38″ x 60″. 2015.