October 2015

October 28, 2015 in Uncategorized

Pack It up

Mixed Media On Canvas. 38″ by 60″. September 2015


This canvas has become hugely popular in the short time it has been alive.  It has found a common ground of some-kind, even amongst those I wouldn’t dare to put in the same room together.  Not to my surprise, this is the first piece in a long time that I had soley created for myself. Meaning that my mind was quite void of the “viewer” or the “censor”.  I was just making something fun.  I wasn’t worried about how it would all be analyzed or interpreted, because it wasn’t being made for them.

Those who also make a lot of art know how rare this takes place, and must pay attention to how they may have actually accomplished such a thing.

This month “Pack It Up” won second place in LARAC’ s Realism VS Abstraction show, in the abstraction category. Be sure to vote for your favorite work of art.  You have until Friday the 30th of October.