Meaning and Parallels Within

September 27, 2016 in Uncategorized



Over time, my artwork started to gain more and more complex elements. I experimented, explored and expanded my thinking and my methods. Possibilities and potentialities presented themselves. The more options I could see, the more I questioned. The results brought to light things that I may not have seen otherwise. I started to draw parallels to both my life and my art making. Ultimately, my goal became to integrate much of my life to that of making art. Obtaining results was challenging, yet interesting. Simply put, this approach put more meaning into my life and helped me to combat depression.                         fifteen



Since this time, I have met new people and had ongoing health concerns. I was using my work to escape my stress and anxiety, to distract from my intense feelings of  situations that I seemed to have no control. Gaining perspective was nearly impossible. I have grown in some ways and have regressed in others. Not better or worse, just different.


Today, I go back to this desire to integrate, to test the limitations of what art making is and can do. I hope this to be another tool to better understand, or question all of what is before me. To draw some kind of parallel within and perhaps finding meaning in a much larger project. But, for now, here is some art.fivesix