“Entropy” A Mixed – Media Sculptural Series

September 21, 2017 in Uncategorized

17022217_1389276007783648_9064447710435949173_n   In the process of making these sculptures, I was getting rid of clutter in my work space          and asking myself what was worth salvaging. I enjoyed the contrast between a lot of the            objects. By examining and problem solving the juxtaposition of this object to that object,          certain relationships started to bring with it – order to some of the chaos.    16999124_1389275657783683_3459296684167300733_n


Life is not something that can be perfectly packaged, it is messy, gritty, leaving bits and pieces of yourself over everything, everywhere, and other people.



“Entropy” is my way of celebrating this chaos by applying order to disorder, all of the separate work, time, found objects, contrasting objects and new objects to be made, with energy and intention, in partial, coming together to be finished in an unconventional way that made sense.



Falling apart, yet in a state of homogeneous.                                  16999127_1389275277783721_1371710434047565553_n16938507_1389276197783629_3113008287654507515_n16996280_1389277187783530_4799849643908104984_n