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After months of demanding work, it was a great feeling to be noticed and appreciated. Working repetitiously, with repurposed and salvaged materials provided me with the opportunity to think. Much like meditation, “Adjunct” gave me a specific focus. The need for a certain level of craftsmanship (not so much that it takes away from creativity and not so little that it looks like a mess) brought more mindfulness to the process. Being a multidisciplinary artist has its challenges. Having experience with so many varied materials, it is often difficult to narrow down which medium will be used in a given art-piece.

"Adjunct" Red Hook, Brooklyn

“Adjunct” Red Hook, Brooklyn

In “Recycle” (Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition), “Adjunct” was one of 74 art pieces selected out of around 500 entries, and out of that 74, it was one of six pieces given a certificate of recognition. Such moments like these are few in an artists career, but when they happen I have learned to experience it to the best of my abilities.

Liz with "Adjunct" and Certificate of Recognition

Liz with “Adjunct” and Certificate of Recognition.

There are qualities to salvaged materials that are not in store-bought objects. It can motivate your process or direct it somewhere that it would not go otherwise. I see our world working toward the sustainable. I am beginning to see that any action taken, to not waste, to re-use, to salvage, it helps.

On most days, I want to be alone. I like the quiet, to create and to think. The end result of my creations need to be shared and this sometimes brings me to a populous place like Brooklyn, which is often short-lived and I get to go home to my town of  14,700 souls, relieved, yet renewed with a better focus on my needs as an artist. I am better from the experience.

As an artist and a human being, I struggle with usefulness. Society needs artists, but I question my specific contributions as one. If I find interesting materials that would otherwise be discarded and I use them to make art, my work becomes useful even before it is started.