Liz Parsons is a mixed media artist living and working in Glens Falls, New York. She specializes in paintings, artist books, and her work has been called outsider/expressionist by critics.

To do satisfying work, one must prepare to get messy – literally, of course – but more importantly: Figuratively; internally. The artist must be willing to cry, laugh and sometimes spill a little blood. Satisfying work does not come from surface ideas or surface emotion. It comes from a great deal of dedication, time and patience. If only to be satisfied with your current work, hours upon hours must be put into it. Do it if you love it. If not, you are doing the wrong thing. Put it aside. Try something new; a change in medium, a different approach – maybe it’s the process. But sooner or later, that magic happens – that magic you can’t quite explain.

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Visual Journaling – Post-Star, March 2011